R Ill Kt. David J Palmer, Intendant-General

Ill. Kt. Derek W Larner, Deputy Intendant-General

The Masonic and Military Order of  the Red Cross of Constantine

and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St John the Evangelist

Somerset & Bristol Division of the Red Cross of Constantine

One of the strengths of the Red Cross of Constantine is its devotion to the care for children.

None more so than the late P.Kt. Phil Mackie (St. Matthias Conclave) whose son lost his battle with life in Little Bridge House, part of the Children’s South West Hospice Group.  

As part of the Sesquicentennial, (that’s 150 to you and me) celebrations the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund distributed cheques to all 33 Divisions within the Grand Imperial Conclave for presentation to Children’s Charites.

The Intendant-General, R.Ill. Kt. David Palmer is seen presenting the cheque to Paula Garret of the South West Hospice, along with Mrs. Lenna Mackie  and P.Kt. Rev. Steve Hawkins at a lunch held recently in Taunton.

Richard Cooper

Divisional Recorder.

IG presents cheque to South West Hospice