R Ill Kt. David J Palmer, Intendant-General

Ill. Kt. Derek W Larner, Deputy Intendant-General

The Masonic and Military Order of  the Red Cross of Constantine

and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St John the Evangelist

Somerset & Bristol Division of the Red Cross of Constantine

Notes for Conclave Recorders:

Information to be sent to Divisional Recorder:

New member forms for GIC with cheque for fees;

Appendant Orders Certificate Request Form for GIC;

Enthronement return for GIC;

A copy of the Summons for each meeting for filing;

Changes of membership (resignations, deaths);

Changes of a member’s details (address, telephone, email)

Serious illnesses of members;

Annual Accounts (as soon as approved by Conclave)

Annual returns to GIC with GIC and Divisional fees;

Requests for changes to By-laws;

Requests for dispensations.

Summonses for every meeting should be sent to:


Deputy Intendant-General

Divisional Eusebius

Divisional Senior General

Divisional Junior General

Divisional High Prelate

Divisional Recorder

Divisional Marshal

All Conclave Recorders

All Conclave Sovereigns

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Appendant Orders (pdf)

Application Form (pdf)

Change of Membership Details (pdf)

Conclave Fees (pdf)

Conclave Marshals (pdf)

Divisional By-Laws (pdf)

Enthronement Return (docx | pdf)

KHS Certificate Application Form (pdf)